Lesson 1

The joint is stuck by paint sometimes (usually issue on action figure)

We suggest use hair dryer to heat it 5-10 seconds in the first time movement (one off).

It is because the materials is temperature sensitive during the transportation.

If it is stuck, we may reshape it to let it familiars with the joint movement.

Lesson 2

1) pull out the peg before warm it up
2) inserting the peg to lower part body first without torso
3) put back the torso
4) put the upper body on top of peg

Lesson 3 (FaceOff)

We have launched a FaceOff program to who have purchased 002/010/017 figure in 2019 thru Kickstarter or official retailers.

Here are the steps:

  1. Remove the hair
  2. Pull out the peg by tool
  3. Insert the peg on body by tool
  4. Warming the new face by hairdryer and using the tool to make the hole bigger
  5.  Put the new face on the body and little drop of glue on the back of head (optional)
  6.  Finally put the new hair on the head, Done.